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best breakfast in the world

best breakfast
simple health tips
  • Most important meal of the day breakfast
  • Body  is in need energy & vital nutrients
  • Breakfast should be heavy & balanced
  • Are you skipping your Breakfast ?
  • Most important meal of the day breakfast
  • Are you eating the same thing again & again ?
  • Most important meal of the day breakfast
  • Least time required for cooking To serve variety of tastes practicality
  • Bored of your breakfast  options?
  • healthy breakfast options       
  1. Besan ka chilla :- best breakfast near me

        Complex carbohydrates


          Gram flour (1 cup)




          Rock salt

          Turmeric powder

          Ginger paste

          Coriander leaves

          Heat a pan

          Put flame to low

          Mustard oil

          Batter (1-2 spoons)

          Cook until colour changes

          Flip it

          Remove & serve hot

          Curd with black pepper

 2 Tamarind rice :- best breakfast




          Soak the rice in water befor

          Brown rice (1/2 cup)

          Pan on medium heat

          Cow ghee (1 tsp)

          Mustard seeds (1 tsp)

          Chilies may be added now

          Curry leaves

          Peanuts (1 handful)


          Rock salt


          Soaking in hot water will do


          Tamarind water

          Temper until thickens

          Tamarind water

          Mix thoroughly

          Complex carbohydrates


          healthy fats


3 simple ingredients :- good breakfas Almost no cooking Idea for hostellers Breakfast on the go

          soaked almonds (4-5)

          ripe bananas(1-2)

          warm milk (1 glass)

          well balanced

          highly nutritious

          fills up your tummy

          ideal for breakfast

4 sweet rice :- good breakfast near me

          soak a night before

          brown rice (1/2 cup)

          boiled brown rice

          cow ghee (2-3 tbsp)

          jiggery power (2-3 tbsp)

          soaked almonds (4-5)


boosts energy in morning

ghee is ideal for fat loss

donts worry about jiggery

5 curd rice :- best healthy breakfas  Constipation Bloating Gas Stomach ache

          semi brown rice (1/2 cup)

          boil & set aside

          mustard oil

          keep flame on low

          mustard seeds (1/2 tsp)

          cumin seed (1/2 tsp)

          curry leaves (5-6)

          hing (a pinch)

          rock salt (to taste)


          boiled semi brown rice

          curd (200 g)

          coriander leaves

          mix well

          tempered mix

easy very tasty easy to carry panacea for digestive issues   6 ragi malt :- good morning breakfast  

          ragi flour (3-4 tsp)

          water (1 cup)

          rock salt

          ragi paste

          cook for 2-3 mins and let it cool

          lemon juice (1-2)

          curd (50g)

easy rich in fibre vitamins & minerals amino acids perfect for weight loss   7 cashew upma :- best protein breakfast Keep flame on low

          Cow ghee (q tbsp)

          Cumin seeds (1/2 tsp)

          Ginger (grated)


          Curry leaves

          Turmeric powder

          Rock salt



          Cashews (a handful)

          Mix well


          Broken wheat (1/2 cup)

          Mix & cook

          Coriander leaves

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