diet tips for diabetes plant diet programs

diet tips for diabetes plant diet programs

diet program

Tips 1 :- eat more starch-based carbohydrates (स्टार्च-आधारित कार्बोहाइड्रेट अधिक खाएं) :– plant based diet plan

  •           Simple carbohydrates  /sugars
  •           which cause a surge in blood sugar level 



  •           Starch-based carbohydrates
  •           Eat more starch-based carbohydrates

Tips 2:- Take fruits in moderation (फल मध्यम मात्रा में लें) :– diet plans for women



  •           One serving at each meal time two servings per day
  •           Eat fruit in moderation as they contain sugar.

Tips 3 :- Consume sufficient fibre (पर्याप्त फाइबर का सेवन करें) :– fasting diet plan


  •           Fibre helps to reduce spikes in suger levels after meals
  •           Consume sufficient fibre to slow down .     

Tips 4 :- Animal protein is carbohydrates-free(पशु प्रोटीन कार्बोहाइड्रेट मुक्त है।) :– easy diet plan


  •           Do not raise sugar levels
  •           Can raise blood sugar levels
  •           Recommended daily protein intake=less than 20 % of daily caloric intake
  •           But plant- based protein and dairy products contain carbohydrates.

Tips 5 maintain  a healthy weight (स्वस्थ वजन बनाए रखें):– Diet program

  •           Strive to maintain a healthy BMI
  •           The heavier you weight,the higher your diabetes risk

Tips 6 :- Consult a dietitian (आहार विशेषज्ञ से सलाह लें) :– Diet Tips

  •           Consult a dietitian to better understand your nutritional requirements.


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