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5  worst fitness advice by Indian || la fitness near me

la fitness


No 1  : La fitness near me :- workout centers near me

Is rice better than roti ?

  • Similar both food items have carbohydrate and colorific vale but different nutrition value chapatti more proteins and fibres than rice. Rice is easier to digests because of its starch content whereas roti digests  slow but overall there is no significant difference between the result in fat loss as long as you consume the needed macros.

No 2 : Lift heavy :- fitness classes near me

How heavy should you lift as a beginner?  

  • As a beginner you should focus on correcting the form first and only then try to lift heavy loads if your trainer gives support for more than 2 reps your are doing it wrong. Start with 12-15 reps at the beginning to get hold of the from with light weights and then only increase the loads.  

No 3 : Use balms to lose belly fat :- nearest fitness center

Are fat loss creams or balms effective

  • No the creams and the balms might help you to sweat more on that area and maybe see a temporary weight loss in the form of less water retention but it does not cause any significant fat loss from that area.

No 4 : Train 2 times a day cardio/ABS in morning and weight training in evening :- fitness studio gym

Is it better to train 2 times a day

  • As a beginner you do not need to separate your cardio and weight training you want to make your transformation as smooth as possible so that you can make fitness as a lifestyle and not a one time mission. It’s advised you train only time after finishing your weight training you can perform your ABS and cardio.

No 5 : May way is the best way :- fitness center

How to choose a trainer ?

  • Make sure the trainer is well certified and qualified. Ask for his previous transformations and try to ask him few questions as to how he/she can help you to reach your fat loss or muscle building goals check their background for their credibility only then hire them.

la fitness

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