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nutrition tips for healthy eating tips

healthy eating tips
simple health tips

1 pick more fruits, vegetables , low fast dairy and whole grains :- healthy food tips

  •           As you age your body needs fewer calories but more vitamins and minerals choose foods to help you  get the nutrients you need like vitamins D and B12 and calcium

2 eat fewer processed foods with saturated and trans fasts :-healthy eating tips for kids

  •           These foods can increase your risk of heart disease and some cancers,so limit eating them as much as possible

3 take care of your teeth :- nutrition tips for kids

  •           If you have difficulty chewing schedule regular dental visits to maintain healthy teeth and try soft foods like  fruit yogurt cheese or a salad with hard – boiled egg.

4 choose lean meats in 3 oz portions per meal :- dieting tips in hindi

  •           Lean meats are high in protein and a good source of many vitamins and nutrients to keep your body strong.

5 try water alternative to stay hydrated :- healthy food tips

  •           You feed less thirsty as you are but its important to stay hydrated try flavored or sparkling waters ,tea,  coffee or juice .

6 keep cooking simple :- healthy diet tips

  •           As you age you may have a loss of appetite but don’t skip meals use quick and easy recipes or try smaller meals with nutrient dense foods.    

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