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health is wealth


1 Health is wealth is a proverb which means health is great asset :- heath wealth

  • Living in our life is a matter of a cube, which means that health is a great asset. If we remain healthy then only we will be able to grow more. Health is the property of a big cube in our lives.

2 Health is moth important part of our life :- healthy lifestyle

  • Health is an important part of our life. The more time we fill, the more we will get ahead in life. It is important to have health, otherwise we will have to suffer from any disease.

3 If we are healthy we enjoy life :- :- healthy eating

  • You can enjoy life when we are healthy. If you want to live happily in life, then you have to be healthy. To stay healthy, take care of your body and food.

4 Our happiness depends upon our health :- Heath is wealth

  • Our happiness in our lives depends on our health. How happy we are, how sad we are, at the same time our health remains with us.

5 Good health for necessary exercise and balanced diet. :- balanced diet

  • Good health for necessary exercise and balanced diet.We should have a balanced diet daily for the health of our lives and by exercising in the morning daily, our health remains healthy.

6 We should work out daily for good health :- healthy habits

  • We should exercise every day for good health. Exercising daily makes us healthy in our best life. Exercising daily keeps our body fresh. daily workout and diet plant try it.

7 A body sound is always in a mind sound :- health is wealth essay

  • A unique energy is found in our life. A body sound is always in a mind sound. We need to keep our mind in mind so that we can keep our body fresh.

8 If our health is not good our mind become dull :- good health

  • If our health is not good in our life, then our mind gets agile. We should think about health every day. We should take some time for thinking about our lives.

9 Without good health we can not enjoy life :- wealth management

  • We cannot enjoy life without good health. If you want to enjoy life, then we have to keep good health.

10 We must be careful towards our health.  :- healthy diet

  • If we want a better life than life, then we should be careful about our health. We have to control food, drink, sleep, things for health.

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