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healthy eating tips during covid

healthy eating tips

1 boost your immune system through your diet:-healthy eating tips

  • To strengthen our immune system, we must pay attention to diet. Take a light diet.Eat fruit and vegetables 5 times a day
  • And pulses 3 times a week

2 don’t busy just non perishable food

  • Buy also fruits, vegetables and legumes
  • Did you buy too much ?
  • Clean
  • Cut
  • And freeze them

3 make smart choices

  • Choose water instead of soft drinksrefiere
  • Replace cookies snakes and pastries
  • With frits and vegetables

4 buy only what you need

  • Planning your meals helps you to avoid food waste and save money
  • We should plan a meal every day and at least cook food so that it is not wasted and our less money is worth it.

5 Drink plenty of water

  • We should drink more and more water daily. The water should be healthy and fresh. We get Energy  by drinking more water
  • Water a day drink at least 2 liters

6 don’t throw away your leftovers

  • We should not throw away the food made for us. In COVID-19, do not even want to give to anyone. One can get sick by doing this


7 cook with your family

  • Involve children in the cooking to teach them healthy eating habits  

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healthy eating tips during covid

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