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fitness gym
  So props to your if you’ve managed to get past that initial handle. 1 Dumbbell-Loaded side bends :- anytime fitness near me    
  • Each dumbbell counter balances the other so straightening up doesn’t require much muscle effort.
  • Your oblique’s don’t need to work since the weight in your other hand simply pulls you up.
  • A lot of strain on your spine and the tissues that serve as shock absorbers
  • You can rupture a spinal disk
  • Side-Plank Crunch
fitness gym
1 you’ll need to get into a side plank with your left elbow and forearm on the floor and your right hand touching your head. 2 while keeping your waist lifted you should bring your right leg toward your shoulder, touch your right elbow, and return to the initial postion.
  •        Improves your balance
  •        Strengthens your core
  •        Slims downs your waist
2 Standing chest fly :- fitness near me
  • Works their chest muscles
  • Does nothing for your chest
  • Stresses the rotator cuffs in your shoulders
  • Take a dumbbell in each hand and position them above your chest
  • Hand and position take a dumbbell them above your chest
  • Your elbows should be slightly bent
  • Move your arms to the sides slowly
  • After they reach the floor, life your arms back to the initial position. 
3 smith machine squats :- smart fitness  
fitness gym
  • You won’t do your body any good
  • You cant arch your back
  • There isn’t enough space to adjust the angles of your joints
  • You’ll use a lot more of your body’s own natural stabilizing muscles
4 Exercising with extremely light dumbbells :- extreme fitness
  • Overload principle
  • 8 TO 12 REPS 
5 Leg Extensions :- lifestyle fitness  
fitness gym
  • You  work your legs separately from the rest of your body
6 back extensions with added weight :- gym fitness  
fitness gym
  • If you need to strengthen your core
  • Your arms stretch out in front of your down palms.
  • Your legs should be straight
  • Lift your right arm and your left leg off the floor and stretch them out as much as you can
  • Hold it for about 5 second and then return to the initial position
 7 Crunches :- best fitness
  • Involves all the core muscles
  • Tightens your midsection
  • Reduces back pain
8 The Elliptical :- lifetime fitness near me  
fitness gym
  • When using this training equipment, you don’t follow your body’s natural motion
  • This exercise isn’t as effective for strengthening your muscles running or even walking
  • It doesn’t boost your fitness level at All
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