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Cheston cold tablet 

Contains :–
  1. Cetrizine
  2. Paracetamol
  3. Phenylephrine
Benefit :-
  • Cold  :- is a very good tablet for cold
  • Fever  :- Is a very good tablet for fever
  • headache :- This tablet is beneficial for headache.
  • nasal congestion :- Is a very good tablet for nasal congestion.
  • joint pain :- Very Good Tablet.
  • allergic conditions :- is a very good for allergic conditions Cheston cold tablet
  • flu :- This is a Cheston cold Tablet very good. 
  • pain in the ear 
cheston cold tablet


side effects :- cheston cold tablet side effects
  • vomiting :- If you are vomiting, then stop using this tablet.
  • breathing difficulty :- If you are having difficulty in breathing difficulty, then quit using this tablet.
  • Nausea  :- Nausea, if you are seeing some problem then meet your nearest doctor and talk
  • abdominal pain :- Stop it use for tablet
  • sleepiness :-stop it use cheston cold tablet
  • dizziness :- 
Precautions := cheston cold tablet uses
  • Do not consume empty stomach :- Do not consume empty stomach This tablet is to be taken after meals. Tablet is not to be taken before meals
  • Avoid over dosage :-  Don’t eat too much tablet
  • Allergic reaction :-  Do not use Allergic reaction.
  • Time interval (4-6 hour gap)
  • Keep out of reach children A little child has to keep this tablet.
  • Internal use only
  • Store in a cool dry place
  • cheston cold and flu tablet uses emidate tablet.

cheston cold price :- 

One strip 10 tablet mrp 39 rs

Price on google :- cheston cold price :– 36.13 rs

Cipla pharma limited 

Warning :-

Please do not take this medication without consulting your physician.

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