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What is the use of this test?

To assess the following in an unborn child

    – mental retardation

    – Birth defects

 1 Birth defects are many ways

  •      Down Syndrome – There are many types of problems
  •      Kidney does not work properly, heart problemEdward
  •      small mouth, small jaw, short neck
  •      Back part of the skull is prominent or occiput
  •      Chest short or springy and wide set nipples
  •      dysplastic or malformed ears

 2 patau

  •     Even in this, the child remains mentally retarded.
  •     Lips prevail in this disease
  •     Hands and feet do not devlop right

3 Neural tube defects – ntd

  •    Craniorachischisis – completely open brain and spinal cord
  •    Anencephaly – open brain and lack
  •    Encephalocele – herniation of the meanings (and brain)
  •    Iniencephaly – Retroflexion in skull occipital and defect bone of the head   with excessive head
  •    Spine bifida occulta- Asymptomatic closed NTDs in which the entire  vertebrae are not closed properly.
  •    Closed spinal dysraphism – Lack of at least two vertebral arches tinged with a  lipoma
  •     Meningocele – protrusion of the meanings (filled with CSF) through a n   defect in the skull or spine
  •     Myelomeningocele- Open spinal cord (with a meningeal cyst)

Dual Who should get the test done?

  • Urma over 35 years
  • Family history of birth defects.
  • IVF pregnancy
  • Previous child born with Down syndrome (or similar genetic conditions) case
  • History of insulin dependent diabetes
  • When to order this test?
  • 11-14 weeks of pregnancy
  • Components of dual marker
  • Free beta hCG (human chorionic gonadotrophin)
  • PAPP- a (pregnancy associated plasma protein a)

What is normal rage?

  1. Free b hCG :25700 – 288000 mIU / ml
  2. PAPP A – greater than 0.5 MoM

Free beeta HCG test high What is the meaning of?

  – Free beta hCG is a glycophotin hormone produced by the placenta during pregnancy. This high level is an indication of a higher risk of trisomy 18 and down syndrome.

PAPP – A test low what is the meaning of?

 PAPP – A Is an important plasma protein. A low level of plasma protein is a sign of the risk of Down syndrome

Dual test Requirement ?

  – Latest ultrasound report

  – No fasting requirement

Dual test positive what is meaning of?

  – Parents can go for termination of pregnancy as per MTP roules


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