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Massage Therapist || Massaging the body

massage therapist

There are some case where massage is not appropriate. therefore it is recommended to seek independent medical advice before receiving any massage treatment.

1 you will need  :- body massage therapy

  •           Massage table ,mattress or mat
  •           A sheet
  •           Towels
  •           A pillow or cushion
  •           Massage oil
  •           A volunteer

2 getting started :- thai therapy

  •           Find an area that is quiet, softly lit and warm
  •           Light candles or play music to help set the mood
  •           Prepare massage table, mattress or mat
  •           Spread sheet to catch any excess oil
  •           Make the person as comfortable as possible
  •           Undrape part of body to be massaged
  •           Put oil in a cupped hand
  •           Warm oil by rubbing hands together

3 Stroking :- massage professional

  •           Apply oil using long smooth strokes
  •           Find any tension sports or sensitive areas
  •           You can vary tempo and pressure to explore
  •           Use greater pressure toward centre of the body

4 lifting :- professional massage therapist

  •           With hands parallel, grasp and lift muscle
  •           Keep in contact with person at all times
  •           Move hands in toward centre and repeat
  •           At draping , stroke down and start again
  •           Repeat 2 or 3 times, covering entire body part
  •           You can also lift with individual hands

5 friction :- full body massage therapist

  •           One hand reaches around the other stays on the side
  •           Bring the far hand close and reach with the other
  •           Move towards the centre then back down again
  •           Use thumb strokes to apply friction to tense area

6 pressure point : – spa massage therapy

  •           Apply gradually increasing pressure to the point
  •           Hold up to 8 seconds then release
  •           Make sure you are using appropriate pressure
  •           The thumb is best to apply specific pressure
  •           Other fingers can be used, even a knuckle or elbow
  •           Never pressure joints, blood vessels, or spine

7 percussion : – Massage therapist 

  •           Make loose fits and gently start tapping the muscles
  •           You can change tempo and pressure
  •           Open hand and use karate chops
  •           Finish body part with more stroking
  •           Gradually let hands break contact
  •           Re drape and move  to the next area
  •           Use these techniques on : arms, legs, stomach
  •           Back and head
  •           You can give a complete full body massage

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