simple exercise to lose thick thighs fat fast

simple exercise to lose thick thighs fat fast || how to get thick thighs

Lose Thick Thighs :- Workout Plan

1 Hip Bridge                                    1 minute

2 Lunges                                         1 minute

3 The Single leg Circle                   1 minute

4 Leg Lift and Hold                         1 minute

5 Squats                                         1 minute

Home :- Abs and legs are very strong in our body by exercising at home.

  1.           Abs
  2.           Legs

5 exercise do this little workout with us every morning, and you won’t believe the results.

1 hip bridge

hip bridge
  •       lie on your back
  •       Keeping your feet flat on the floor, fold your knees
  •       raise your hips off the floor your would from a straight line your would from        a straight line from your shoulder to your knees
  •       freeze in the position for about 1 sec and then slowly lower back down

2 Lunges

  • Take a big step forward with your right foot and stand with your feet slightly apart.
  • Your thigh should be parallel to the floor in this position.
  • Lower your boy until your right knee is at A 90 Degree angle
  • Then return to the starting position

3 The single – leg circle

single leg circle
  • Line on your back with your legs extended
  • Your arms should be placed at your sides
  • Lift your right leg over the ground, so that it would pint to the ceiling
  • Circle your leg clockwise and anticlockwise and then lower it back down
  • Do the same thing with your left leg
  • Increase the size of a circle

4 leg lift and hold

leg lift and hold
  • Line down on the mat facing upwards
  • Place your legs close to each other
  • holding them up to an arm’s length on the ground
  • Keep your feet in this position for a few seconds
  • Lower them back down

5 squats

  • Stand with your feet slightly apart
  • Bend in a sitting position until your thighs will be parallel to the floor
  • Stay in this position for some time
  • Go back up

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simple exercise to lose thick thighs fat fast

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