ayurveda health tips for rainy season

Ayurveda health tips for rainy season

rainy season

Manson dos and don’ts according to ayurveda

The time has come for pakodas with hot tea, there is a possibility of getting relief from the heat due to the coming of rain. How do you stay independent How do you stay healthy from monsoon diseases like cold, cholera, dengue.

In the monsoon season, according to Ayurveda, fermentation takes place inside the stomach, it increases acidity, works on the body and immunity. Our faults are also affected. Acts as barriers like joint pain, skin issues and anxiety. Monsoon is the season to cleanse our body of accumulated substances and detoxification of waste. Through diet, Ayurveda offers various remedies to detoxify your body through Ayurvedic procedures. We are going to tell you about what is done to the body through Detoxify Ayurveda.

17 Ayurveda health tips for rainy season :-  

1 don’t overdo the leafy greens as rainy season breeds contamination, instead opt for lauki, karela, tinda, parwal,yam,sweet potato, brinjal and pumpkin  

2 spicy and oily foods are a complete no-no-can cause indigestion , bloating and salt retention

3 sour or acidic foods are also to be avoided

4 streamed and well-cooked food is very good for health during the rainy season

5 cow milk is easily digestible and can be consumed during this season

6 try and replace wheat and Maida with barley and gram

7 lunch should consist of all the six basic tastes- sweet , sour, salty, bitter, pungent and astringent

8 intermitted fasting is very beneficial for the body during the summer and rainy reason.  Always consult your doctor before starting anything like this

9 dinner should be very light and two hours before bedtime
10 red gram lentil (toor dal) causes acidity and flatulence and its intake should be reduced

11 green gram lentil (Moong Dal) is the most easily digestible

12 black gram lentil (Urad Dal) is an antidote to excessive flatulence

13 it is better to reduce the intake of non-vegetarian items including meat pork, beef and fish 

14 curd can be consumed safely during this season till early evening only

15 clarified butter (Ghee) made from cows milk is very good during this season as it helps digesting boots immunity , increases stress fighting capacity and improve memory

16 light exercise such as yoga and jogging are very important to keep fit

17 stay hydrated even during the rains

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