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10 tips for good health in rainy season || Best Health Tips 

rainy season


Monsoon season

Effective tips to prevent skin diseases this monsoon

1 use only boiled water :- rainy weather

  • We should drink hot water from the car during the rainy season because the chances of getting frozen during the rainy season are high. Filter Voter You cannot use much. Hot water is the best choice for you.

2 avoid using raw salad :-monsoon season

  • You have to ignore the row Salad during the rainy season. monsoon will be in the season of jamming. We want to eat vegetables by boiling them in hot water.

3 don’t eat on roadside stalls :- stay healthy

  • We should stay away from road side food because we have to eat oily and spays. Pakoda.  Samos. Sandwich. ignore road side fast food because this is a health of oil.
  • We want to make it at our home and mostly eat home-made food.

4 don’t enter in AC room immediately :- rainy season

  • We do not have to use AC in rainy season. There is thunderstorm in the rainy season. There is a risk of jamming by using AC in our home.

5 keep your self dry :- it is rainy

  • When we soak in the rainy season, then we should take bath in our home with clean water. And we should use hot water while taking bath. As we have less chances of getting the virus.

6 use mosquito repellent :- monsoon weather

  • The risk of mosquito is more during the rainy season. We should use spray to avoid mosquito. Otherwise we will have the chance of getting Malaria and Dengue.
  • Because during the rainy season, most of the water in front of our house would have gathered in that mosquito grow. Therefore, we should not allow water to stagnate.

7 don’t bite your nails :- monsoon season

  • We do not want to break our nails with our teeth, because there is jam in our nails. Todd’s best companion for nails is a cutter.

8 add disinfectant in bathtub

  • Whenever we want to use Dettol while bathing. Dettol saves us from jams.

9 get plenty of sleep

  • In the rainy season, we should take full sleep. By taking complete sleep, we can fill the freshness. best taking sleep, energy remains in us.

10 start your day with garlic water

  • We should drink girl’s water in the morning. This water protects us from peepal.

We should keep umbrella and raincoat together in the rainy season so that we do not get soaked in the rain.

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