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15 exercises & workout that will transform your body in just 90 days

exercise workout


exercises workout weight loss

1 planks

  1. Planks exercise makes our whole body strong.
  2. This is a great workout and very easy to do.
  3. They can take the help of planks to make the body dry for women.
  4. Planks are done in some way.
  5. Modified plank, Rocking planks, Side planks, revise planks , low planks , basic plank different type planks

2 push ups

push ups
  1. By doing push ups every day, you lose weight fast.
  2. All the exercises of the muscles are done by doing push ups.
  3. Push ups target the chest, shoulders, triceps, core and legs.
  4. Push ups strengthen the abs, shoulders, chin and triceps.
  5. Triceps is considered one of the best exercises for the body.
  6. Push ups reduce weight.
  7. The body is flexible with push ups.
  8. Push ups increase testosterone.
  9. Press ups 3+5/10 reps of push ups have to be applied every day.

3 Squats

  1. If you do squats daily, then you also make a strong body with a better figure.
  2. Doing squats daily increases your strength.
  3. Doing squats gives strength to the hips.
  4. Squats are extremely important to get a fit body.
  5. By doing squats, your legs and hip muscles fall.
  6. Doing squats strengthens your waist.
  7. 20 seconds for squats legs for 3 minutes
  8. Dumbbell squat variations
  9. 1 x curtsy lunge & 3 x stance variations with 3/5 x reps on each leg

4 Sit-ups

  1. Sit-ups exercise is considered a very good exercise to keep your body fit.
  2. Exercising sit-ups works on the chest, lower back, neck and hip flexors.
  3. Sit-ups exercise is very beneficial in reducing our weight.
  4. Doing sit-ups exercises improves core strength.
  5. Sit-ups exercise helps in reducing belly fat.
  6. Sprinter sit-ups
  7. 3 x 40 reps
  8. ABS for 3 minutes

5 bird dog

  1. By doing bird dog exercise, it proves to be effective in reducing belly fat.
  2. The bird dog exercise is a simple core exercise.
  3. With bird dog exercise, our stability reduces muscle and back pain.
  4. By doing bird dog exercise, the muscles of the core, hips and back become strong.
  5. Doing bird dog exercise helps in reducing weight.
  6. Bird dog exercise reduces back pain.
  7. The bird dog exercise improves mobility of the shoulder. 

6 pull-ups

  1. While doing pull-ups, the heart bit becomes very fast and a lot of oxygen starts reaching our body.
  2. It takes a lot of strength to do pull-ups, so it takes a lot of calories, so metabolism can also increase.
  3. The grip of the hands is strengthened in doing pull-ups.
  4. Doing pull-ups can increase stamina, strength and endurance.
  5. Masals  abs
  6. Chess measles   

7 dips

  1. Dips exercise develops chest muscles and increases strength.
  2. By doing Dips Exercise, you can add weight, which brings more stretch.
  3. Chess upper back solder lower back triceps.

8 bench press

  1. By doing bench press exercise, it is good to do wide chest / strong shoulders / big biceps.
  2. By doing bench press exercise, it helps in muscle growth or fat reduction.
  3. We should do bench press exercise daily.

9 incline dumbbell press

  1. Incline dumbbell press exercise Chest press is the best exercise to build the strength of your body.
  2. The chest press targets your pectorals, deltoids and triceps.
  3. Chest press strengthens the bones, increases the level of fitness and helps in better mental health.
  4. Chest press exercise You can reduce fat from the body by burning extra calories, you can reduce weight by exercise

10 hanging leg raise

  1. By doing the hanging leg raise exercise, it works to strengthen the hips and legs.
  2. The hanging leg raise exercise helps to cure your core pain.
  3. The hanging leg raise exercise also improves hip flexibility.
  4. With the hanging leg raise exercise, you can work out the abs and your legs.
  5. By doing the hanging leg raise exercise, you can burn calories faster.
  6. By doing the hanging leg raise exercise, it works to maintain balance and stability.

11 Pilates

  1. By doing Pilates exercise, you can stay fit and healthy.
  2. Pilates exercise works better on abs.
  3. Pilates exercise is for flexible.
  4. Pilates exercise is very good in controlling weight.
  5. Pick 5 different stretches
  6. 1 minute for each each exercise (concentrate on breathing)

12  Sprint

  1. Sprint exercise is the best way to burn calories.
  2. Sprint exercise is a form of help in losing weight.
  3. Sprint exercise helps in maintaining the muscle mass.

13 jumping rope

  1. Jumping rope reduces body fat quickly.
  2. jumping rope If we jump rope for 30 minutes, then we burn 300 calories.
  3. By jumping rope, it is equivalent to jogging or running.
  4. The weight is reduced by doing jumping rope.

14 stomach vacuum

  1. By doing stomach vacuum exercise, it helps in melting the stubborn fat by compressing the stretched muscles.
  2. By doing stomach vacuum exercise, the stomach becomes tight.
  3. By eating this stomach vacuum exercise, the month hydrates a lot.

15 yoga

  1. Improves flexibility by doing yoga.
  2. Increases muscle strength by doing yoga.
  3. Improves blood flow by doing yoga.
  4. Yoga keeps the heart rate regular.
  5. Doing yoga lowers blood sugar.

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