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 good habits that will help you lose weights 

lose weights

1 consume just enough calories

  • We do not take outside food in which oily food, it is not necessary to go to the restaurant and eat burger. Nutrition level should be checked in food. How many calories are there, how much sugar is there, how many calories should be consumed after bursting.

2 maintain a good sleep schedule

  • Taking good sleep makes us feel fresh and we should stay away from TV and web series at the time of sleeping so that we can sleep well so that we can feel fresh. 7-8 We have to maintain the sleep schedule.

3 Exercise regularly

  • We should exercise regularly so that we can stay fit. There is less chance of getting fat in our body by exercising. We should keep our body fit by exercising every day.

4 be more active

  • We should be more active for us. We want to exercise every day. Want to get up early in the morning. Every day we should keep our thoughts positive. We have to be active for ourselves so that we can stay feet.

5 find a suitable diet

  • We should find a suitable diet for our health. So that we can keep the body feet. We want to eat vegetables with protein. We cannot lose our weight by eating more calorie food.

6 drink plenty of water

  • We should drink water early in the morning so that we keep spurting in the body, water does not contain calories, so we should drink more and more water. We should drink water from the lentils of leubun ka tipe.

7 eat breakfast

  • We have to eat healthy breakfast and stay away from high calorie breakfast. We have to choose protein in breakfast. We have to make a habit of having breakfast everyday.

8 eat slowly

  • We have to eat food slowly, we do not have to eat while watching TV while eating. Do not do any work at the time of eating. If we do any work at the time of eating, then we are not able to eat food well.

9 intermittent fasting

  • When Ham does intermittent fasting, Ham will not be able to stay fit. We should take black tea because it does not have calories.

10 weigh yourself

  • When we are on exercise or diet, then we have to weigh ourselves and see how much we have lost. In this way we have to keep on diet and exercise.

11 be a smart snacker

  • We have to choose a smart snacker, we have to go to the market and eat healthy protein snacker. When lunch is tied in the office, then we have to eat snacker. We will get good good things in snacker.

12 cook your own meals and snacks

  • We should cook our own meals and snacks everyday. We do not want to have high calorie food or breakfast. If we do not know how to cook, then we have to learn, but we have to cook.

13 have a meal  routine

  • We have to keep thinking in advance to eat in the day, we have to stay away from overeating. We have to keep eating routine. We don’t want to eat too much snacker.

14 avoid stress

  • We have to avoid stress mentally and physically. Stress has to be removed and there is no thinking too much, keep away from stress. Thinking over and over again can add to the stress. We have to stay away from stress, we have to do meditation.

15 be consistent !  

  • If we have to live our healthy life styles, then we have to maintain all the things continuously! We have to keep doing exercise and we have to maintain the diet to lose weight.

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