infectious monsoon diseases health tip

 Infectious Monsoon Diseases Health Tips

monsoon diseases


Due to the humid and wet weather in the monsoon, the danger of infectious diseases increases.

Malaria, Fever, Dengue, Cholera JC disease infection Monsoon disease becomes viral first.

How can you stay safe this monsoon season ?

1 One should drink only clean water in monsoon.

  • We should drink clean water in monsoon to prevent water borne diseases like cholera and typhoid. In monsoon we should drink hot water. So that the water remains clean and we can be saved from infection diseases like virus.

2 We should use something to drive away mosquitoes in monsoon and use a net to keep it clean.

  • To prevent mosquito-borne conditions like malaria and dengue in monsoon, we do not have to allow water to collect outside our house. It has to be kept clean so that mosquitoes do not arise.

3 We should avoid getting wet in rain or living in wet clothes during monsoon

  • We can get cold, flu or viral fever by getting wet in the rain. We should keep an umbrella and a raincoat with us during the rainy season. So that we can defend ourselves when it rains.

4 We should avoid street food in monsoon and eat healthy food to avoid food poisoning

  • We should not eat outside food in monsoon. We don’t want to eat street food. Mostly we have to eat healthy food at home. So that our health is good and we will have less reasons to get sick.

5 Close your mouth and nose while sneezing or coughing.

  • When we are sick, we sneeze or cough more, then we should keep distance from others. So that this vicar fails at least. When we are sick, we should take this medicine as soon as possible.

6 Make sure your clothes We should dry our clothes properly to prevent fungal skin infection.

  • Due to the heat of work in monsoon, our clothes do not dry. For this reason, if the rain keeps falling, then we can get frizzy when our clothes get wet. To prevent this, we do not wear this cloth after drying our clothes properly.

7 We should include vitamin C and green vegetables in our diet to increase immunity.

  • We should eat more and more green vegetables so that our immunity remains in our body. We should eat less outside food. Most of us want home food.

8 We should stay at home in monsoon.

  • If we go out in monsoon, we can get wet from rain water or our eyes can be damaged due to lightning. And on the bottom corner of a tree, its branches can fall due to rain.

9 We should not stay away from any electrical things.

  • Due to the fall of rain in monsoon, it can be sent to any place. In this situation, we should stay away from electrical things. If a wire of light has fallen at any place outside, then we do not have to go near it. 


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