nt scan with double marker test

 nt scan and double marker || nt scan with double marker test 

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Today I am going to tell you about a very important test. The name of which is NT scan & double marker test. Doctors often recommend getting it done between 11 to 13 months. Because A is very important test. A child is mentally retied at the age of 250 to 300 m. Which we call drown syndrome or Tray some and no one would like to have a delivery after 9 months and he knows if his child is not mentally retied.

NT scan & double marker test is important to confirm both the things. One thing to know is this test which is a screening test Screening cannot mean 100% no, but can tell you whether this present is a highest present and whether this present is a lowest present, mentally rated child.

People are thinking that I got an ultrasound test done :- nt scan double marker test

The ultrasound test tells everything, but not the ultrasound test only tells the effect of the body, the eyes are made of fat, the nose is made up of hands and feet. Ultrasound test cannot tell mental tradition. Although the ultrasound test catches the marker, then this NT Scan is done in the middle of 11 weeks. What to do in this, the thickening of the neck of the child is taken. Which we call NT. In which a normo remains hot. If this measurement is more than the norm, then there is a high chance of this child being mentally retarded or having herd disease. But it is not 100% that you should get the child killed. If NT NB is more then let your doctor do the investigation.

nt nb scan double marker test :- nt scan and double marker test price

Immediately after the NT NB scan, the patient is asked to give a blood test immediately. We call this blood test that dual screaming. What is done in this, the markers of two children are caught with the patient blood. Both these markers and the NT in the three are the measurements of which are fitted in a software. which generates a report. It is stated in this report that whether this present is a highest present and whether this present is a lowest present 

If you come in the lower category, then we will not investigate you at all, if you come in the highest category, then we have to investigate you, it is not that your child is mentally retied. After this we will ask you to take the non-invasive primitive test. In which we will take your blood test. In which we will tell you the defects of 5 chromosomes in the death of your child, in which down syndrome is one.

The cost of this test ranges from 28 to 30 thousand. Because it is expensive, many people do not get them done.

There is another test which we call amniocentesis test :- nt scan with double marker

An injection was put in your stomach and through this the child’s water was taken. We call this water amniocentesis test. In this we have seen 5 chromosomes of the child. Is there any defect in this child or not ? The test cost of amniocentesis test is 16 to 18 thousand. There is a slight rick in this, the present may be absolved, so many expensive tests are not done in every present. For this we do NT scan. Do dual screening. So that we can tell you whether you need such an expensive test or not. So don’t miss these time periods.

The doctor talks a lot about the importance of this test so that the qualities of the child can be translated. And detects the drowning syndrome in children.

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