nutrilite simple health plan

Nutrilite simple health plan


Failing to plan is planning to fail

What is good health ?

These four things must be in your daily life so that you can enjoy a good life.

1 Proper nutrition

  • This is the food in which you are getting nutrients. It is necessary to move your body well.

2 Proper exercise

  • You should exercise in everyday life so that you can stay fit. May your body be fit.

3 Positive attitude

  • You want to keep your mind strong.

4 Proper sleep

  • If you sleep in a proper way, then 7 to 8 hours, then the cell inside you generates ray.




1 Proper nutrition

How does our body from

  • The smallest part is that cell. It is made from body cell.
  • Cells are made of nucleic  acids , proteins carbohydrates and lipids (fats)
  • Tissues are divided by being extravagant
  • Tissues later become Organs. It is an organ that makes the parts of the body.
  • The parts of the body which together form a system.
  • In the last, a lot of systems are formed i.e. we and you.
  • If we want to keep the body healthy, then what is the body?

What our body needs?

  • Proteins make skin / hairs / body / organs
  • Fats brain development / protect organs / energy / nutrients absorption
  • Fibre good for the digestive system
  • Water it regulate temperature and maintain other bodily functions.
  • Carbohydrates source of energy / cell functions
  • Vitamins & minerals cell functions / healthy immune system / brain development/bone and teeth health/vision & skin health

What our body needs?

  • Every organ needs different vitamins and  minerals to function properly, are we taking them in our diet ?
  • Do you know : body doesn’t store several vitamins (B,C , Protein & water) and minerals hence they must be replenished daily.
  •  You may say we eat healthy food daily to keep us fit

Why do we eat food ?

  • We eat food for hunger?
  • When you are hungry levels of key nutrients (carbohydrate, protein, fiber, or fat ) in your body are at lowest level all of which promote fullness and reduce appetite.
  • Are you aware that food you eat meets your body needs or only for taste and hunger?

 Lets see what we eat

Effects of toxic chemicals

Fertilizer in soil preparation

Oxytocin injection

Chemical pesticide

Green veggies made greener with lethal copper sulphate.

More than 70% of Indian milk is adulterated with salt to detergent, it may be unsafe to drink.

Dangers of artificial ripening of fruits and vegetables carbide and ethen gas

Why do we get SICK ?

  • When your immune system is weak enough/incapable to fight with outside and inside infection and diseases.

1 Infection:

Bacteria / virus /infection / fungi/ parasites

2 Non-infections:

1 Stress

2 Pollution

3 poor diet

4 environments

5 sedentary lifestyle

6 cigarette and smoke

7 genetically

60,000 types of germs/pathogens attack our body per day, but our immune system protects us from any infections or non-infectious attack.

Who protects us from sickness ?

Doctor or your body ?

  • Our immune system protects
  • Saliva- antibacterial enzymes
  • Thymus- produce T cells, kills infected cells
  • Skins- prevents entry
  • Stomach acids- low pH kills harmful microbes
  • Tears- Antibacterial Enzymes
  • Lymph Nodes- Trapping virus/bacteria
  • Mucus Linings- Traps dirt and microbes
  • Bone marrow – produce red cells which carries oxygen

Improve Your Immunity

  1. Proper nutrition
  2. Positive Attitude
  3. Proper exercise
  4. Proper sleep

Role of supplements

  • Poor eating habits.
  • Nutrient absorption declines with age
  • Helps in preventing free redicals from harming healthy cells.
  • Provides essential nutrients to the body but cannot be made in it.
  • Speed repair and regeneration of damaged cells and facilitate renewal.
  • Helps the body to function efficiently and delay the aging process.
  • Dietary supplements to fill the nutritional gap of your diet or to lower your risk of health problems.

Why nutrilite supplements

  • Nutrilite has 80 years of experience in vitamins.
  • Nutrilite contains powerful quantities of phytonutrients-plant based nutrition
  • Nutrilite has soil to supplement process.
  • Nutrilite has own more than 6000 acres organic farms 900 scientist 75 R & D Labs.
  •  Nutrilite is the words #1 selling brand of vitamins and dietary supplements.

What are foundation supplements?

  • Why do you need protein ?
  • Good for hair, skin and nails
  • Helps sustain energy levels
  • Builds, repairs & maintains cells
  • Supports immune systems
  • Adds to muscle strength & growth

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