rainy season health safety tips

health and safety tips for rainy season : rainy season health safety tips

rainy season


Hay you yes you

 Are you troubled by this epidemic of monsoon

You are already suffering in monsoon

Mao Have a question?

How to survive this monsoon?

Will it be a through?

You don’t worry I know how you will be healthy in this monsoon I got it uh

5 precautions over storm and rainy season this year  :- rain safety health tips

1 Avoid travelling on bike :- rainy season health tips

  • Roads slip due to water in monsoon
  • The chance of an accident increases when water accumulates on the road.
  • The speed of our bike or car should be less than 40 km/h.
  • Wear helmet and PPE on the knee.

2 So the bottom line is :- rainy season safety

  • Most accidents happen with 2 wheelers and cycles.
  • In 2017, 5000 people died in two wheeler road accidents.
  • keep your bike front lights on
  • Use a wiper on the helmet and wipe away the water so that you can see the front side.

3 Beware of lightning & thunderstorm :- rainy weather safety tips

  • How will you survive the storm in monsoon
  • If there is a lightning strike during the monsoon, then avoid the use of electronics.
  • Shelter in a building with plumbing and electricity
  • Do not take shelter under any tree. Because at any time a tree can fall due to a storm.
  • Do not be near rivers, ponds, rocks and elevations when it is. Going there would be a risky step.

4 Safety should be first priority :- rainy season safety tips

  • If you soak in monsoon water, then you have cold, fever and cough are symptoms of corona virus.
  • Getting wet in the rain and feeling sick can cause confusion
  • Use umbrella and raincoat whenever you are going out
  • You should avoid shopping during the rainy season and it would be better to stay at home.

5 In this monsoon :- rain safety precautions

  • What to eat and what not to ?
  • What is good & what is bad for our health?

1 Good to eat

  • You have to take care of your food and drink in monsoon. You should eat protein-rich things so that you can be healthy.
  1. Mango
  2. Apple
  3. Milk
  4. Mix vegetable
  5. Egg

2 Harmful eat

  • You should avoid harmful food in monsoon so that your health is good.
  1. Chips
  2. Berger
  3. Ice cream
  4. Cold drink

This is because

  • In monsoon, the rain keeps falling, so the amount of sunlight is less.
  • When it is the season of love and romance, then immunity goes down.
  • Non-vegetarian food is difficult to digest as compared to non-vegetarian food.
  • Bacteria and microorganisms are more active
  • Makes us sick quickly by soaking in monsoon.

Take care of yourself

  • From snakes &  mosquitos    
  • Mosquitos gift us with malaria, dengue which can be life taking
  • Most of the snakes are poisonous and can give a direct dead pending.
  • water enters beneath ground where snakes and reptile.

Outdoor safety –

  • One should take shelter in a building having facility of plumbing and electricity.
  • The building usually has to operate because of the insulators installed on the roof.
  • Mother Earth catches and sends electricity through a lightning arrester.
  • A metal front can also help with all the windows of the vehicle closed. Comes out at least for half an hour.

Indoor Safety –

  • Possible stay windows and doors as far away from as.  
  • More electricity is used like laptop, computer, mobile charging, stay away from things.

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