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 tips for being healthy during monsoons



The arrival of this monsoon brings happiness and relief as well as many health problems.

7 diseases that occur during monsoon

  1. There will be a fear of getting a disease like dengue
  2. we can get flu in monsoon
  3. We can get cold by soaking in monsoon water.
  4. food borne infection
  5. water borne infection
  6. Cholera can be a disease.
  7. We may have jaundice.

By keeping us selfish, these diseases can be avoided.

We have to put some healthy tips in this mind.

1 Rain gear is a must in monsoon

  • Wherever we go, do not forget to take an umbrella, we have to keep it with us, it can be useful anytime, it is the best rain gear for us, but in the rainy season it can save us from getting sick from rain water.
  •  It is also a shield of disease.

2 We have to see the monsoon first and then eat it

  • We should avoid eating outside food excessively during the monsoon months. 
  • Because in monsoon all the things would have got water. If the outside is not clean, there will be a mess. 
  • We can also get Bafi food from outside, so we have to eat it after seeing it.
  • Live in dirty areas. Go there to see a clean tiara and first check the food you take is right, it is fresh, it is edible, only then you can eat it.

3 We have to drink clean water and drink hot water.

  • We have to be careful about pollution in monsoon because the chances of getting water borne diseases get worse during the monsoon months.
  • We have to check the water first, if the water is clean to drink, then only the water has to be used.
  • We have to drink hot water.

4 We have to stop the menace of mosquitoes in monsoon

  • This time we can stop mosquitoes from breeding by stopping the rain water in the field.
  • We don’t have to let the water get collected anywhere outside the house, we don’t have to remove it, we can eliminate the water of those mosquitoes.
  • We have to tell everyone not to allow water to accumulate around our house. You can prevent mosquito breeding by stopping the water in monsoon.

5 wash off rain water

  • We have to take bath immediately after getting drenched in rain water in monsoon. Then we have to use hot water.
  • Helps us prevent water borne diseases by holding water in monsoon
  • We have to keep sanitizing our hands regularly. So that we have less fear of getting hurt.
  • Helps prevent cold and flu by rinsing the water thoroughly
Keep a distance from electrical cable things
  • In monsoon, we are afraid of getting electrocuted due to water getting in the electrical wire.
  • A distance has to be maintained from the cable of the TV / cable of the light.
  • If a cable has fallen anywhere, then a distance has to be maintained from there.
  • Do not touch any cable in monsoon.

Keep these tips in money and enjoy better in monsoon months.

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