tips on how to stay healthy and safe this monsoon

6 tips on how to stay healthy and safe this monsoon

safe this monsoon


During monsoon we have to keep healthy and stay dry.

Tips on how to stay healthy and safe this monsoon 

1 Always carry an umbrella :- tips for being healthy

  • We are going somewhere, then suddenly we can get wet due to the rain.
  • We can get fever and cold even if we drink water from rain.
  • If you are going anywhere, then do not forget to take an umbrella in the rainy season.
  • If you are having cough or cold or fever, then take a disease shield against it.

2 Keep your nutrition up :- tips to live healthy

  • You save yourself from getting sick during the rainy season.
  • Stay healthy and get your training system fixed.
  • You should eat some litter warmer and drink lukewarm water during the rainy season.

3 Wash your  hands thoroughly :- tips for staying healthy at work

  • Always wash your hands during rainy season to avoid cold, cough and influenza.
  • You have to avoid viruses and bacteria.
  • You have to wash thoroughly between the fingers of your hand, under your fingernails and on the tops of your hands.
  • When you dry your hands thoroughly after washing your hands.

4 Drink plenty of water :- monsoon tips

  • You drink hot water during the rainy season.
  • You have to take 6 to 8 cups of water in a day and drink it mixed with lemon juice. You can get a strong immune system by drinking hot water.
  • Drinking hot water can prevent us from getting infections and allergies.

5 Have some backup clothes ready :- Safe Monsoon

  • Wherever you go, you will get wet during rainy days.
  • You invite a virus into your body by getting wet with rain water.
  • Due to getting wet in the rain, you get fever and common cold.
  • That’s why you should keep extra clothes. So that whenever it gets wet in the rain, you can change clothes immediately.

6 Clean and repair home gutters :- Tips for safe monsoon

  • Damage to your roof and house.
  • You can get professional help to fix your roof and gutter lines.
  • Water accumulating in front of your house can cause diseases like dengue, malaria, jaundice, etc.

You can easily protect yourself with the tips of this monsoon.

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