health and fitness facts || amazing facts about health and fitness

health and fitness facts

health and fitness facts


amazing facts about health and fitness

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  3. Health and Fitness Facts


1 fitness facts :- amazing facts about fitness

  1. 650 There are muscles in the human body.
  2. Swimming Underwater This is the only exercise that is done in water by holding your breath.
  3. The strongest heart is the muscle of the body.
  4. About 50% of all youth in the age group of 12-21 are not active on a daily basis.
  5. More than 30% of children aged 6 to 11 are overweight. And more than 15% are obese.
  6. 70,000 miles a person walks in his lifetime.
  7. For every pound gained in muscle mass, the body burns 50 extra calories per day.
  8. Only 13% of men are physically healthy.
  9. Exercise makes you feel more energetic because it releases endorphins into the blood.
  10. Roughly 4,000 children and teens start smoking every day.
  11. Movement in exercise helps to generate a relaxation response that acts as a position distraction.
2 health facts :- amazing facts about fitness
  1. Laughter is very good for the heart, laughing can increase blood flow by up to 20 percent.
  2. The skin does your hard work, it is the largest part of your body and it regulates our temperature. Protects us from getting diseases and infections.
  3. Being an optimist can help us live longer by always looking on the bright side.
  4. More energy even when exercise will given you’re tired.
  5. For us maximum sitting and sleeping in moderation is very good, more can increase your chances of death.
  6. Now lack of exercise in the form of smoking is the cause of many deaths.
  7. 39% of adults in the world are overweight.
  8. Less than 1% of Americans ride their bikes to work.
  9. Reduce harmful levels of stress by maintaining good relationships with your friends and family. And it helps in boosting our immune system.
  10. Drinking coffee, especially for women, can reduce the risk of depression.
  11. We can reduce negative thoughts by walking outside or spending time in green space, it can increase our self-esteem.

3 Health and Fitness Facts

  1. Only 10% of people are successful in losing weight through dietary changes. If you want to reduce your weight, then exercising with a balanced diet helps in reducing your weight. The best way to keep diet off is by exercising. 89% of people from the National Weight Control Registry combine diet and exercise.
  2. 10% of people successfully lost weight using dietary changes alone and maintained their new weight for one year.
  3. Vitamin D levels are higher in people who exercise regularly. May not be due to exercise, but more of a correlation. People who do exercise regularly like to spend more time outside.
  4. The risk of getting cancer is reduced by being active. Working out every day helps us maintain a healthy weight and regulate hormones. Exercise regularly reduces the risk of developing many types of cancer, including colorectal, uterine and breast cancer.
  5. By doing exercise every day, we get this benefit, we are never tired. Working out is not just for the youth, everyone can do it. 75% of elderly Americans do not get enough physical activity. This exercise contributes to many health problems associated with aging.


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