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how long after vaccine are you immune

immunity after vaccination


how long after vaccine are you immune

  1.  Immunity after vaccination
  2.  What is the difference between immunity to virus and vaccine?
  3.  According to research, what is called vaccination and immunity.
  4.  After applying Covid vaccine, eat food and boost immunity?
  5.  manufacture of covaxin  
  6.  manufacture of Covishild


1 Immunity after vaccination

  1. For us, the immune system must be strong to protect against the covid-19 epidemic. Every doctor is asking everyone to get the vaccine. The goal of herd immunity can also be achieved by getting you and your family vaccinated. This helps in reducing the risk of covid.
  2. This vaccine has proved to be very effective against Covid. The stronger we are, the stronger our immunity is. After getting the vaccine, our immunity does not become strong, we have to keep wearing double masks till then and we have to keep distance from people by social distancing.
  3. After recovering from corona, immunity remains strong for one year, we are less prone to covid again.

2 What is the difference between immunity to virus and vaccine?

  1. Immunity can be built in two ways to avoid Covid. By contracting the infection and taking a dose of the vaccine. Through both of these, we get the same immunity. We get long lasting after getting infected. Vaccine drive immunity protects us at different levels.
  2. We need to achieve the goal of vaccinated herd immunity. For this reason, by getting the vaccine which is available now, it gives additional benefits to the body. 
  3. How long will the immunity given by the dose of this vaccine last? Taking the vaccine, different vaccines work in their own way. Different levels of this provide lasting immunity and protection.

3 According to research, what is called vaccination and immunity.

  1. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has conducted a fenced case study of vaccinations on 4000 frontline and health workers. In this study, it was found that up to 80 percent of the vaccine of Pfizer-Biotech Modern was effective, after that 90 percent effect after the second dose. If this Covishield vaccine is given after two to three months, then it is effective up to 90 percent.
  2. 90-59 percent is considered to be effective of Vaccine. Regarding the vaccine by Modern and Pfizer in the US, Jere McBride, director of the Experimental Pathology Graduate Program at the University of Texas Medical Branch, has claimed that this vaccine can increase immunity to Covid-19 infection for two to three years. Or in most cases immunity remains throughout life. Or immunity improves after vaccination.

4 After applying Covid vaccine, eat food and boost immunity?

Eat fruits: 

  • We have to eat fruits, it is very beneficial for us. By eating these fruits papaya, pineapple, orange, we get vitamin-C through fruits.
  • Vitamin-C plays an important role in the process of strengthening our immunity.

Eat green vegetables: 

  • Those people who have taken corona vaccine, those people have to eat more and more green vegetables. 
  • The green vegetables of this leaf are rich in nutrients, it also helps in building immunity inside us and helps to improve the health of our body.

5 manufacture of covaxin :- 

  • The Indian Council of Medical Research and the National Institute of Virology, Pune, developed this covaxin together in Biotech, India.
  • Inactivated covaxin is made by inactivating the virus causing the disease.

Benefits of covaxin:

  • India plays a major role in neutralizing the double mutated variant with covaxin B.1.617.

6 manufacture of Covishild:-

  • The vaccine is based on the chimpanzee adenovirus covishield vector. In this, the virus that infects the chimpanzee has been genetically modified. Because it cannot spread to humans. Corona virus also has a part in this. Which is also called spike protein. The immune response vaccine is made in the body. 
  • It works on our spike protein. It makes memory cells and vaccine antibodies. This helps us to identify the virus.

Benefits of Covishild :-

  • covishield and covaxin are different from each other. Developed by Oxford AstraZeneca, this vaccine of covishield is being used in some countries. 
  • It works to generate antibodies against the corona vaccine.

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