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In this post we are going to tell you that if we want to be healthy then what should we do. What we do not want to do, we have to follow all these things. We have to think about health and we are going to tell you some ways in this post to keep health feet, on which tips you have to work and follow. You have to read this post carefully.

simple health tips for everyone

health tips


simple health tips for everyone 

Sleep on you left side

Water drink reminder 

Walk more

Chew food 32 times

Create healthy environment 

1 Sleep on you left side : simple health tips

  1. We get stomach problems somewhere by sleeping on the right side. Like problem in Proper Digestion
  2. There may be problems like blockage in blood flow / heart burn.
  3. By sleeping on the left side, we are able to help the stomach well in Digestion.

2 Water drink reminder : tips to stay healthy

  1. Due to a lot of work in our life, most of us forget to drink water. Only when there is a thirst for water, then drink a little water. In this way, it is not right for our health at all.
  2. We have to set the time in our mobile such that we can know that we have to drink water now and how much to drink.

3 Walk more : natural health tips

  1. If we are not healthy, then according to the World Health Organization, we should walk 8000 steps.
  2. How much you walk every day, you will not know how much we can walk every day. If we want to know the measure of how many steps we walk every day, then we have to take a fitness belt.
  3. This will give us an idea of ​​how much we walk every day and we will know how much we want to walk.
  4. We just have to keep walking, we have to walk in the house, we just have to keep walking.

4 Chew food 32 times : health tips of the day

  1. If we can keep our stomach healthy, then we will be able to keep our health healthy too.
  2. To keep our health fine.
  3. We do not have to eat Jank food.
  4. Digestion power has to be kept right.
  5. Both of these things will help when you chew 32 times.
  6. If you chew any healthy food 32 times then it will be very good for you.

5 Create healthy environment : health tips for everyone

  1. We have to live with health conscious people. We have to live with as many good friends as possible, people who think about fitness, maintain their health well. In this way we have to stay with friends.
  2. If we have junk food in our body, then we have to stay away from that thing. But this will not happen, our attention will remain in that direction.
  3.  create a healthy very specially environment in our house.


Friends, you must have read this post very well, now you must be thinking that we will also follow these tips carefully and follow these tips. You must have thought that you will follow these tips to stay fit. If you liked this post, then let us know through comments.

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