third wave of corona in india safety tips safety precaution

third wave of corona in india safety tips

corona safety tips


third wave of corona in india safety precaution

  1. safety precaution
  2. symptoms of covid 19
  3. third wave of corona safety precaution
  4. vaccine for corona Covishild and covaxin
  5. After applying Covid vaccine, eat food and boost immunity?


1 safety precaution

1 Wear a mask

  1. We have to keep the mask on every day. When we go to a public place, then we have to apply mask. Apart from us, if anyone is not wearing a mask, then he has to advise you to wear the mask. This is a good step to stop our covid from spreading.
  2. If we are going to some hospital then we have to apply double mask. And someone sick does not have to go to him.
  3. If we go somewhere for a walk or go to some function, then we have to keep the mask on.
  4. We should keep the mask with us always, who knows less, we may feel like corona. That’s why we have to keep the mask with us.

2 Clean your hands

  1. We always have to keep our hands clean. We have to use sanitize to clean hands.
  2. We have to wash our hands frequently with clean water. We do not have to catch any things at any place outside.
  3. We have to sanitize our hands before eating. If we have come to the house from outside, then we have to sanitize.
  4. We and our family have to keep sanitizing.
  5. Wherever you are going out, you have to wear gloves in your hands. We have shared in the last in this post, you can take it from there. You can prevent yourself from infection with covid. 

no outside food

  1. We have to stay away from outside food. Due to oily food in outside food, you can get sick.
  2. We have to avoid the use of outside junk food. Many people come to the food shop outside, do you know which people have caught what?
  3. We always have to eat fresh vegetables cooked at home. Always wash vegetables in hot water first.
  4. More and more we have to use homemade food. Stay away from outside food.

4 Maintain safe distance

  1. We have to keep a distance in the public place. No one has to touch.
  2. We do not fight in any group, we have to make distance from it.
  3. We do not have to sit with the family of our house by making others.
  4. We have to stand at a distance in the hospital / bank / any shop.
  5. You have to sanitize your house. You have to sanitize your entire house once in a week. We told about the tool in the lust of this post, using that you can sanitize at home. You can protect your home from covid.

5 Get Vaccinated

  1. We do not need to get Vaccine installed to avoid Covid. Vaccine gives us immunity.
  2. Vaccine reduces the infection of Covid. We can reduce the risk of covid by getting a vaccine.
  3. Right now, covaxin and coveshield are two vaccines in our country. You must definitely get this vaccine.
  4. Get yourself a vaccine and inspire your family to get a vaccine. You can keep your family safe.

2 symptoms of covid 19

  • COVID-19 affects people in different ways. Most infected people will develop mild to moderate disease. In this way, without being admitted, you will be fine in the hospital.

1 Common symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Fever / Frequent dry cough / Feeling tired

2 Other symptoms of COVID-19:

  • We have aches and pains / Sore throat throughout the day / Eyes coming / Feeling headache / Loss of taste or smell / Rash on our skin, or discoloration of fingers or toes /

3 Severe symptoms of COVID-19:

  • We have difficulty in breathing or feel shortness of breath.
  • Feeling pain or pressure in our chest.
  • We have some kind of loss of speech or movement.
  • If we or anyone in our family has serious symptoms, we have to always call and message before going to the doctor or health center immediately after seeking immediate medical attention.
  • People with mild symptoms in our family who are otherwise healthy have to manage their symptoms at our home and continue to treat them.
  • Someone in our family gets infected with the virus. Symptoms appear within 5-6 days, although it may take up to 14 days.

3 third wave of corona safety precaution 

Do we have to take necessary precautions in covid-19 to stay safe. Diyas for the third wave.

  1. We have to stay away from outside food, we have to eat healthy food at home.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and clean water.
  3. When we go out, we have to wear a mask, we have to keep applying hand sanitizer again and again.
  4. We do not have to touch our face or mask again and again.
  5. If someone is infected around us, then we have to maintain a distance of 2 yards.
  6. We have to keep the handkerchief fixed while coughing Munj.
  7. Do not go into the crowd of more personal people, he has to maintain a distance.
  8. We should stay at home when our health is weak.
  9. Don’t smoke and stay away from other activities that weaken the lungs.
  10. We have to stay away from other services such as smoking or staying away from the substances that weaken the lungs.
  11. We do not have to leave the house without any reason.

4 vaccine for corona Covishild and covaxin

  • Covishield and Covaxin are different from each other. It is very important to have both doses of corona vaccine. This vaccine increases our immunity and has proved to be effective in protecting us from most diseases.

1 Benefits of Covishild :-

  • Covishield and Covaxin are different from each other. This vaccine from Covishield, developed by Oxford AstraZeneca, is being used in some countries.
  • It works to make antibodies against the corona vaccine.

2 Benefits of covaxin:

  • India plays a major role in neutralizing the double mutated variant with Covaxin B.1.617.
  • After getting Covaxin, some people have got benefits in health.

5 After applying Covid vaccine, eat food and boost immunity?

 1 Eat fruits:

  • We have to eat fruits, it is very beneficial for us. By eating these fruits papaya, pineapple, orange, we get vitamin-C through fruits.
  • Vitamin-C plays an important role in the process of strengthening our immunity.

2 Eat green vegetables:

  • Those people who have taken corona vaccine, those people have to eat more and more green vegetables.
  • The green vegetables of this leaf are rich in nutrients, it also helps in building immunity inside us and helps to improve the health of our body.

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