weight workouts for women || weight lose workouts

Today we are going to tell you about 8 such tips weight workouts for women. These are the tips that you can do sitting at home, especially women mostly learn weight training for women. Some women are unable to go outside for workouts, she wants to lose weight, so I will tell you about some workout tips that you can try at home. In this post I have told about upper body workout for women. I have told about the benefits and how it is done in the tips.

weight workouts for women

1 jumping jacks

2 mountain climbers

 3 elbow plank

4 flutter kicks

5 high knees

6 Russian twists

7 leg raise

8 bicycle crunches 

weight workouts for women

1 jumping jacks

  • Intense physical jumping is a jack workout. It only involves jumping and jumping.
  • This exercise works on the heart, lungs and muscles over time.

1 There are many benefits of doing jumping jacks :- 

  1. It proves to help you in reducing weight.
  2. By doing this the muscle strength increases.
  3. By doing this workout, the capacity of the heart and lungs increases.
  4. Doing this reduces your stress.
  5. Doing this workout every day brings good sleep.

2 How to do jumping jacks :-

  1. You have to stand by keeping the legs straight and keep your arms on the side.
  2. You have to jump and spread the legs with the width of the hips. Bringing your hands above your head is to join.
  3. Again you have to jump and bring your arms down and bring your feet together.
  4. You have to do it again after coming back to the normal position.


jumping jacks

2 mountain climbers

  1. Mountain climber works out to strengthen the muscles of the legs and arms.
  2. If you want to reduce your obesity and fat, then you must do this mountain climber workout.
  3. If you want to keep your body fit then you have to do mountain climber workout every day.
  4. By doing this your heart rate accelerates.
  5. Mountain climber strengthens the muscles and shoulders by doing workouts.

1 How to do mountain climbers :-

  1. You have to kneel down and keep both hands in front and on the floor.
  2. Both the legs have to be completely back and straight.
  3. You have to get into the position of doing push-ups.
  4. Keep a distance equal to shoulder width between both your hands and both feet.
  5. bend the knee of your left leg and bring the knee towards your chest.
  6. Lower your left knee and straighten the leg.
  7. Keeping the left leg straight, bring the knee of your right leg towards your chest.
  8. Keeping your hips straight, you have to move your knees in and out.
  9. While doing this workout, you keep breathing and exhaling.


mountain climbers

3 elbow plank

  1. If you want to stay fit then you want to do plank workouts.
  2. Plank workout is very important to make six pack abs.
  3. If you have more fat in your stomach and waist then you should do plank workout.
  4. The abdominal muscles become strong by doing plank workouts.
  5. Your body’s working capacity increases.

1 Plank Workout Benefits :-

  1. The muscles become strong by doing plank workouts.
  2. Posture is improved by doing plank workouts.
  3. The flexibility of the body increases by doing plank workouts.
  4. By doing plank workouts, the risk of back injury is reduced.
  5. Metabolism increases by doing plank workouts.
  6. Doing plank workout improves your mood.
  7. Doing plank workout keeps your bones healthy.



4 Flutter kicks

  1. Flutter kicks are considered a good exercise to strengthen your stomach.
  2. Flutter kicks work your weight.
  3. This flutter kick helps your abs and lower back.
  4. Helps to make your muscles strong.
  5. Flutter kicking reduces the problems of your belly and hips.
  6. Flutter kicks reduce your waist fat.
  7. Makes your leg stronger by doing a flutter kick. Reduces weakness.
  8. By doing flutter kicks every day, it reduces back pain.

1 How to do flutter Kick :-

  1. You have to keep the abs tight, you have to relax your shoulders and you have to look towards the sky. Keep your eyes at 70 degrees.
  2. You have to maintain a neutral back exercise during one set.
  3. You don’t have to stick the chin in.
  4. Do not let the water touch the ground.
  5. You have to keep on breathing.

5 high knees

  1. By doing this workout, the weight is reduced. Due to this the muscles of the body become strong.
  2. By doing this workout, the blood circulation of the body increases rapidly in our abdomen.
  3. Doing this workout consumes a lot of energy.


1 How to do this high knees :-

  1. You have to stand with your legs straight.
  2. Now you have to raise your left leg and then raise your right leg.
  3. This workout has to be done very quickly.


high knees


6 Russian twists

  1. You need to do this workout to get flat tummy.
  2. By doing this, your muscle tone becomes strong and appears to emerge.
  3. Working out Russian twists improves oblique strength and definition.
  4. By doing Russian twists, you can tone your core, shoulders and hips.
  5. It also creates tension on oblique muscles.


1 How to do Russian twists :-

  1. You have to sit on the ground. The legs have to be opened in front, you do not have to tilt the back 45 degrees.
  2. To maintain balance on the ground through your body hips.
  3. You have to lift your feet 6 inches from the ground and bend your knees.
  4. You have to bend your elbows, so that the medicine ball should come a few inches away from you.
  5. You have to keep your core tight and keep the back taught, now you have to hold the medicine ball and bring it to the left and after that bring it to the right.
  6. For this you have to do 3 sets of 15-20 reps.
Russian twists


7 leg raise

  1. This is a strength workout that targets the iliopsoas muscle. The abdominal muscles are used to stabilize the body during movement.
  2. This workout is done to strengthen the oblique muscles. It mainly trains the abs.
  3. Doing this workout strengthens the core.
  4. It helps in building the strength of the core and helps in heavy lifting.
  5. Helps to tone the abs.


1 Method to raise leg :-

  1. To do this workout, we have to lie straight on the floor and keep our hands straight.
  2. Keeping your core tight, keep your feet together. While pulling your claws, keep them raised.
  3. All you have to do is try to keep your legs straight. After bringing your feet up to 60 degrees, you have to bring them slowly towards the ground. You have to take care not to let your feet touch the floor.
  4. You have to do sets of 15-20 reps.


Raise leg

8 bicycle crunches

  1. This workout is good for obliques.
  2. It helps a lot in toning your muscles.
  3. It can be of great help in your abs journey.
  4. The right way to do bicycle crunches :-


You have to lie down on the floor and keep your feet on the floor.

  1. You have to focus on the core muscles while bending the back bone slightly and crunching the legs by turning them at an angle of 45 degrees.
  2. You have to press forward while holding the head lightly. While holding the head, try to touch your elbows with the opposite knee. Similarly, while exhaling, do it from the other side.
  3. Raise you body so that your elbow touches the opposite knee.
  4. You have to do this 10 – 12 reps.


bicycle crunches


Friends, we have told you about how to do weight lifting for women in this post. And doing workouts in this way gives some benefits to the weight loss workout for women. We have taught you weight training at home for ladiesthrough this post. If you want to learn through our website, then free weight exercises for women will be given to you.

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