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black fungus infection symptoms treatment

black fungal disease

Fungus are everywhere. Some people have come under corona infection, those people have not gone to the hospital, only staying at their home and getting treatment, those people have also become victims of Fungus. Fungus in our environment. For this we have to be very careful. Those who are falling prey to Fungus have to take the advice of Doctor.

All we have to do is to keep our body clean,with this we have to pay attention to the cleanliness of the house and do not bring the dirt outside the house.

Some medicine is given to the pain of corona infection, Vitamin is given and Zinc is also given. Chances of getting mostly black fungal increases in Zinc.

Black fungal is the space for all the people.Taking a patient of diabetes or taking any medicine for children causes black fungal due to reduced immunity.

Infection can happen due to black fungal, it can happen in the nose or it can happen in the teeth. But it can happen in our lungs too.

Black fungal do not spread from each other. This infection is in our environment, due to which we get inside as soon as we take a breath of the nose. If our immunity is low, then it affects us as soon as possible.

1 Why does it say black fungal?

Black fungus is not called because of the collar, but it goes into the lungs in our body, it goes into our body, it builds our drugs, so there is no supply of blood in the drug. Therefore, that part of time falls in which it is called necrosis. It forms black colored tissue, hence it is known as Black fungal.

2 Why is black fungal only in India?

Black fungal is different in every country. There is a black fungus in India, which we would like to call Mucormycosis

India’s environment in infection, India’s pride is one of the big reasons for this. Due to which there are more cases of black fungal and Mucormycosis in India.

3 These patients are most at risk in black fungal.

  1. Some patients of diabetes are being given this steroid.
  2. Patients who are undergoing treatment for cancer.
  3. Patients taking this steroid in high doses.
  4. Some patients are on oxygen support through oxygen masks or ventilators if they become corona infected.
  5. Patients whose immunity is very weak.
  6. Such patients who have had an organ transplant.

4 These can be symptoms of black fungus:- black fungus infection symptoms

  1. Black fungus commonly affects the sinuses, brain and lungs.
  2. The oral cavity or the black fungus of the brain is most likely to be affected.
  3. Other parts of the body that are also affected are the gastrointestinal tract, skin and other organ systems of the body.
  4. If you have some of these symptoms, then you should get tested for black fungus.
  5. You have a stuffy nose or bleeding nose.
  6. Pain in our face or pain in bones or numbness or swelling.
  7. Blackening of the nose on our upper surface.
  8. Losing our fine teeth.
  9. Swelling around the eyes, pain in our eyes, or blurred vision or double vision.
  10. We have thrombosis, necrotic lesions.
  11. We have any kind of chest pain or difficulty in breathing.

5 How to avoid black fungus

  1. You don’t have to use steroids.
  2. You have to keep in mind that blood glucose should not be allowed to decrease.
  3. The amount of sugar in our blood should not be allowed to increase.
  4. We do not have to take any antibiotics.
  5. We have to reduce the use of anti-fungal drugs.

6 Important things to avoid from black fungus.

  1. We don’t want to go to dusty places.
  2. Uncontrolled diabetes is to be avoided.
  3. We have to wear masks everywhere or outside the house.
  4. we don’t take steroids
  5. We have to strengthen our immune system.
  6. We have to take as many scrub baths as possible.
  7. We have to pay full attention to more cleanliness in our house.
  8. Our body has to be completely covered with shoes, gloves.

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black fungus infection symptoms treatment

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