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black fungus infection symptoms treatment

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black fungus infection symptoms treatment 

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1 Black fungus india

  1. So far, more than 4,300 people have been killed in India due to the growing epidemic deadly “Black fungus” which mainly affects the patients of covid –19.
  2. India has reported 45,374 cases of a rare, dangerous infection called mucormycosis.
  3. This black fungus largely affects the nose, eyes and brain, with it attacking 12 to 18 days after recovery from covid.
  4. Half of those infected with black fungus are still being treated.
  5. Doctors say the fungus is related to steroids used to treat covid, and diabetics are considered to be at particular risk.
  6. Steroids COVID-19 reduce inflammation in the lungs and they help prevent some of the damage that occurs when the body’s immune system is boosted to fight the corona virus.

2 Black fungus covid

  1. The number of patients suffering from corona is more than 10-15 days before reporting this disease in the hospital.
  2. There have been reported cases of this black fungal infection attacking inside the ear, nose and throat in about months. Out of which in 11 cases patients have lost one eye and patients have died.

3 Black fungus cases

  1. The cases of black fungus are increasing continuously. Due to the rapid spread of black fungus infection, it has now also been declared a pandemic. So far in our country, more than 12 thousand people have become victims of black fungus after covid and hundreds have died. So far, more than 700 cases have been registered in Delhi itself. Apart from Delhi, the number of people suffering from mucormycosis in other states is increasing day by day.
  2. The mortality rate of black fungus is being reported as 54%.

4 Black fungus infection

1 Sinus and Respiratory: 

  • Sinus with extension of the eye, oral cavity and most of these nasal involvement is the common type of presentation.

2 Skin Infections: 

  • All these internal tissues come in contact with black fungus due to skin cuts, scratches or burns in our body. This can result in ulcers characterized by redness, swelling, tenderness, blisters and darkening of the skin.

3 Brain infection: 

  • This may result in an altered mental state as a result of an infection spreading to the black fungus brain.

4 Eye infections: 

  • Eye infections caused by black fungus can cause eye pain or redness, swelling, blurred vision and blindness. In some cases, the eye may need to be removed to stop the progression of the infection.

5 Gastrointestinal infections:

  • An infection in the black fungus gastrointestinal tract results in nausea and may also cause vomiting, abdominal pain, and gastrointestinal bleeding.

5 Black fungus treatment

  1. In case of black fungus, you have to go immediately to consult a specialist doctor for any nose, ear and throat disease. Apart from this, you should talk to the doctor living near you.
  2. You have to get regular treatment and follow up with the doctor. If you are a diabetic patient, then you will have to try again to control blood sugar and keep monitoring it.
  3. If you are also a victim of any other serious disease, then you have to take medicine continuously and keep in touch with the doctor.
  4. You should not take any steroid medicine by yourself. You may find it difficult to take such medicine.

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black fungal disease treatment

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