yellow fungus disease infection sysmptoms cause teratment

Today we are tell about yellow fungus in this post.So that you do not fall prey to yellow fungus. In this post you will get to know what is yellow fungus disease.With this you will get information about yellow fungus infection symptoms.We will tell you through this post about what is white fungus black fungus yellow fungus.


yellow fungus disease infection sysmptoms cause teratment

1 Yellow Fungus

The whole country is battling with Covid-19, with that the risk of diseases like Black Fungus and White Fungus has increased in the country and with it has come the disease of Yellow Fungus. The medicines of Black Fungus and White Fungus are not working properly. And some medicines are not getting on time. Yellow Fungus has also come due to this. Yellow Fungus Black and White Both of these are considered to be more dangerous according to the doctors.

After the arrival of corona virus disease in the country, some people have come under the grip of new diseases such as stomach problems or pneumonia.

Due to corona in the country, people have lost their lives in the last few months, corona medicine has not yet been found, in the meantime both these diseases have wreaked havoc on the people. Yellow Fungus has also come with these two, which was earlier found in lizards and chameleons, now this infection is also being found in humans.

2 yellow fungus disease

The yellow fungus attacks the body parts by going into the body, and if you do not treat it at the right time, it can lead to organ failure and even to that part.

If you are in the grip of yellow fungus then you have to see the doctor immediately. If it is not treated at the right time, then yellow fungus causes fatal damage to your body parts.

More than any other fungus, yellow fungus causes damage to the inside of the body. Within no time part of the body starts leaking. Slows down the healing of internal wounds in your body by the release of pus.

3 How different is this Yellow Fungus from these Black and White Fungus?

Yellow Fungus is considered very dangerous from these Black and White Fungus. Yellow Fungus is different from these two. Yellow Fungus starts from the inside of the body, due to pus in the body, this infection becomes even more dangerous. This is a different disease of Black and White Fungus.

4 symptoms of black fungus | Yellow Fungus

  • Your nose is blocked.
  • Numbness of your body parts.
  • You do not feel hungry
  • Your body breaks down and you feel pain.
  • You feel weak or tired.
  • Weakness in your body.
  • Your heart rate rises.
  • Pus oozing out from wounds in your body.
  • Your body looks like malnourished.
  • Your weight loss.
  • Blurring in your eyes.

If you are in the grip of this infection, you have a wound, if you get pus, then your wound does not heal quickly and your eyes start burning and many parts of your body stop working and you feel tired.

5 Who can fall prey to Yellow Fungus?

Those whose immune system is weak, yellow fungus catches them. You have to strengthen the immune system, if you want to avoid Yellow Fungus, along with it you are keeping protection from Covid-19, apart from this you also have to avoid Yellow Fungus.

6 How can we protect us from Yellow Fungus?

According to the doctor, this disease is caused by dirt, so we have to keep as much cleanliness as possible to avoid Yellow Fungus. People with weak immune system have Yellow Fungus, then you have to increase your immune system, for which you have to consume fruits and nutrients so that your immune system is strong and you can avoid diseases like Yellow Fungus.

7 single injection for treatment

Yellow Fungus is a new disease, doctors say that at present its only treatment is Amphotericin injection. Yellow Fungus is a form of a deadly disease in the increasing cases in the country, to protect against it, your immune system has to be strengthened, so that you will be able to get away from this disease. And you do not have to let this disease spread too much. This has to be treated immediately.

Friends, I am sure that you know about black fungus white fungus symptoms, along with this we have also told the symptoms of yellow fungus. From this post you must have got a good idea of ​​black white yellow fungus. If you are in the grip of any fungus then you have also been told about yellow fungus treatment.

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