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Friends, today in this post we are going to tell you about red cedar fitness center lewisberry pa. In this post we will tell you what is red cedar fitness and what is called red cedar family wellness and fitness.
Red cedar family wellness and fitness center



RedCedar Family Wellness & Fitness center is ready to help you build your body fitness and your body health. The Lewisberry, PA Personal Trainer at Red Cedar Fitness provides a diverse, successful program to suit every problem you have.

The RedCedarfitness Family Wellness & Fitness center is designed for an individual to become fitter and specializes in tailoring personalized exercise programs to provide a variety of fitness tips ranging from unconditional clients to trained athletes. RedCedarfitness Everyone can come and take training.

Red Cedar fitness Scientific approach is used personal experience our clients get each one to provide care to the individual.

Red Cedar Fitness offers programs for people seeking rehabilitation who have been discharged from a prescribed course of physical therapy and cardiovascular rehab.

Red Cedar fitness Family Wellness & Fitness center is a truly fun family fitness center that focuses on fitness for all. and from their experience is taught to all individual; and the Red Cedar fitness location is close, convenient and easily accessible.

All types of training is given in Red Cedar fitness, such as there is cardiovascular equipment in the gym, which will prove to be very beneficial for you, along with this everyone has Sectorized Equipment, you are given Free Weight Room for training and Child Care is also present. With that is the place of Basket Ball.

Secondly, Lay Down Tanning is given in Tanning, along with this Stand-Up Tanning is given and Group ZUMPA Class in Action is also available.

You always have to look at keeping your body healthy”


Amenities from Red Cedar Fitness
  • You get Full Line of Cardio Equipment like (Treadmills, Ellipticals, Steppers, Bikes)
  • You are given Full Cybex and Icarian Circuit Machines.
  • You are told about Full Free-Weight Accommodations.
  • You are given Personal Training.
  • such as child care
  • Tanning is also given with the equipment.


You are given a schedule lamp for every day.

What do you have to do first. Like cycling, yoga, Zumba, Body Bar, Tone & stretch, you are given day-to-day training and wherever there is training, it will be taught to you in the Red Cedar fitness class.


red cedar fitness center

RedCedar Family Wellness & Fitness Center

Located in: RedCedar Professional Plaza

Address: 689 Industrial Dr, Lewisberry, PA 17339, United States

Phone: +1 717-938-9496


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